Amaravati Sustainable Capital City Development Project


Amaravati Capital City Development Project consists of multiple projects in three phases over a plan period of 35 years. World Bank supported "Amaravati Sustainable Capital City Development Project (ASCCDP)", is aimed at supporting specified components identified by APCRDA / Government of Andhra Pradesh, related to the initial and most critical infrastructure to help develop the city.

The Project Development objective for the proposed ASCCDP - " To build urban services of flood mitigation, sanitation and road connectivity for selected parts of Amaravati Capital City as well as develop capacity of its public urban governance institutions" - reflects the objectives of the specific components being supported under this project by the bank.

Main components of ASCCDP are envisaged as -

  1. Basic Urban and Pro-poor Infrastructure Component, which will support the implementation of priority transport corridors and integration of 25 villages into the Amaravati Capital City development, by financing the construction of a priority road network and the upgrading of infrastructure in selected villages (e.g. water supply, sewage, village roads, and drainage);
  2. Green Climate Resilient Infrastructure, which will help build sustainability and climate resilience in Amaravati Capital City by supporting its integration with the natural surroundings, riverfront and greenery;
  3. Citizen Benefit Sharing component, which will support government’s efforts to implement benefit sharing measures for the residents of the capital city area, including but not limited to, training programs for farmers, landless families and other stakeholders, skill building programs, which will allow capital city residents to access jobs and new economic opportunities emerging in an urban context;
  4. Institutional and Fiscal Development, which will support government efforts to develop local government institutions and governance systems; and
  5. Project Management and Implementation Support

ASIIDP - Action Plan for Women Safety and Risk Mitigation

G.O.MS.No.320, Dt. 19.09.2018--World Bank Supported Amaravati Sustainable Capital City