Citizen Charter

A Citizen's Charter represents the commitment of the Department towards time frame of service delivery, grievance redress mechanism, transparency and accountability. Revenue Department in its efforts to provide more responsive and citizen-friendly governance coordinates the efforts to formulate and operationalize Citizen's Charters.

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Section : Planning
S.No Service Duration
1 Final Layout approval 15 Days
2 Industrial Building permission 7 Days
3 Issue of Land use Certificates 2 Days
4 Issue of Master Plan Copies 1 Day
5 Issue of ZDP Copies & Layout Copies 1 Day
6 Permission for construction of Apartments/ Commercial building above 300 sq.M. Residential building 15 Days
7 Permission for construction of Individual Residential Buildings in below 300 Sq.M site area 7 Days
8 Provisional layouts approval 30 Days
9 Recommendation to Govt. for Change of land use 30 Days
Section : Estate
S.No Service Duration
1 Allotment of shops/ stalls/ bunks/ office accommodations 3 Months
2 Allotment of unsold vacant sites/ vacant houses 3 Months
3 Change of ownership as a consequence of death of owner of site/ house/plot (Registered Will) 45 Days
4 Change of ownership as a consequence of death of owner of site/house/plot (Un-registered Will) 15 Days
5 Credit verification of the payments made by allottees 7 Days
6 Issue of conveyance deed 15 Days
7 Issue of intimation for payment of balance cost for Sale after submission of required documents 10 Days
8 Permission to transfer the plot/ house/ commercial site 15 Days
9 Refund of deposits to unsuccessful allottees 15 Days
10 Refund of excess amount paid 15 Days
11 Refund of house/ site deposits to the allottees 15 Days
12 Registration after receipt of all documents 15 Days
13 Registration of Plots in the UDA Schemes under sites & Services 15 Days
14 Transfer of allotment in favour of legal heir (after furnishing all the required documents ) 30 Days
Section : Development
S.No Service Duration
1 Certificate of Experience of Contractors 10 Days
Section : Admin & Accounts
S.No Service Duration
1 Certificate of deduction of Income tax 7 Days
2 Certificate of deduction of VAT 7 Days
3 Furnishing of break up particulars for the amounts paid for I.T. 10 Days
4 No dues certificate 7 Days
5 Payment of miscellaneous bills 3 Days